Spring Comes After Rain

20 February 2009 0 comments

Alas, although the air is still chilly, there is a decidedly "spring" feel to it all.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the springtime represents the time when the energy of the "wood" element is on the rise. Think of a small seed opening up, pushing its way up to the surface of soil, reaching for the sky.

It is the same upward energy that we all feel beginning in mid-February, peaking in mid-March, around the time of the equinox.

It is precisely for this reason that patients begin, at this time of year, to complain of sinus problems, headaches, upper back and neck issues, depression, anger, irritability and some types of digestive problems. Moreover, also according to Traditional Chinese Medicine...the organs most affected by this seasonal change are the Liver and the Gallbladder...which would account for the types of symptoms described above.

It is so easy for me to just say, "yes, it is time for you to come for an appointment" if you are experiencing any of these problems at the present time. Although it is certainly the case that I can help you with all of these things...it is also true that you can help your own body adjust to this time of year by making some important changes...

Some ways to help your body adjust to the spring are as follows:

  • Eat more sour foods...pickles, sauerkraut, lemons, limes...about a 1 tablespoon serving per day will help you.
  • Eat some barley...in Asian Dietary Medicine, barley opens up the liver, giving it movement and expression.
  • Go for a walk outside...about 30 minutes per day. Not power-walking...just observing nature, looking at the clouds, the grass, the birds.
  • Eat more leafy greens, either steamed or sauteed in olive or sesame oil: collards, turnip and radish greens, kale, to name a few.

Enjoy the changes that spring brings. Spring is a reminder to all of us that renewal always follows darkness.

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