Appreciation and Worms

20 August 2014 0 comments
I read recently that if one does not find appreciation in their food -- then both the food on your plate and the food in your stomach will turn to worms.

I read recently, as well, that if one does not invite guests to their table then again, both the food on your plate and the food in your body will turn to worms.

This information made me very excited!  - just some thoughts here....

Not because I love worms -- although I spent part of my childhood baiting hooks with worms to fish with my dad...but because in Traditional Asian Medicine there is thing with worms -- not just actual parasites -- but poor digestion which is known as Gu Syndrome -- mimicking worms -- and sometimes actual parasites.

The signs and symptoms of Gu Syndrome involve not only digestive -- diarrhea, cramping -- and general exhaustion and fatigue -- but also emotional and psychological disturbances such as depression, sudden and explosive anger, etc.

At one point ancient physicians considered that the patient would need 'black alchemy' -- exorcism.

But in modern times, within the framework of Traditional Asian Medicine, one would begin with an herbal formula containing such benign herbs as Peppermint, Glehnia, Licorice Root, Lily Bulb and many more.

But in the meantime -- it helps to appreciate our sustenance -- just in case.....



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