The Kidney Freak II

27 March 2009 0 comments

These are the balloons which I brought this week to the patient in the last post, "The Kidney Freak". This week he celebrated his birthday.

Let me let you know what has happened in the past two weeks in his life.

When we last visited our hero he was in cardiac ICU with kidney, heart and liver failure. Lungs were filled with fluid, breathing was difficult, he was on life support, morphine, had septic shock.
Chinese herbs were administered. At first his blood pressure stabilized, liver function returned to normal little by little, daily.

Fluid cleared from lungs.

After nine days he was moved to a regular hospital room. Infection was gone. Liver function normal. Breathing normal. As of this morning he has no feeding tube, no respirator, no oxygen, no tubes. He ate cake on his birthday. Yesterday he ate fish and fish soup. This morning oatmeal is for breakfast. Although he is not quite himself yet he is conversational. We spoke of Chinese medicine today. He is moving is legs vigorously and anxious to get out of bed.

Every day I am grateful for the education I received. I am grateful for the opportunity to help.
I am grateful, as well, to his family -- who called me.



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