The Season of Fire

13 May 2009 0 comments

Way down here in the South, we have a little thing we call "summer".

And although it is only the middle of May, our season has changed and it definitely feels like summer here. Not only is the air moist, humid...the atmosphere unstable (can you say "pop up storms"?) and the temperature rising...but my patients are coming into the office complaining of early summer symptoms:
anxiety & insomnia.

The truth is that now, in early-to-mid May, the summer energy is on the rise...and it will continue to rise and rise until it hits its peak on June 21st at the summer which point it will begin to decline and the energy of the late summer (check back for details) will be in the rise, followed by the energy of the autumn, etc. etc.

Now how is it that in the early summer people suffer from anxiety and insomnia? Well, according to Traditional Chinese Medical theory, early summer is the time of the Fire element, which affects the Heart channel. Also, according to TCM, increased fire energy in the Heart channel creates, according to your condition and constitution, and increased propensity towards anxiety disorder at this time of year...and quite possibly insomnia. You could be having difficulty falling asleep or waking at numerous times during the night. It is also possible that you are feeling more "excited" than usual these days...and certainly feeling more amorous would come under this seasonal change as well.

And this, by the way, is not such a bad symptom to have.

The direction of the Fire energy is "up and out". This is why we feel, at this time of year, inspired to go outside, to be outside. We are more gregarious, we talk more, we are more physically active and more animated.
Foods to nourish the Heart include corn, polenta, chickpeas. This is also a good time of year, if you love spicy food, to indulge a little bit....but not too much...

Enjoy the season. Live.



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