Does your dog look like you?

27 May 2009 0 comments

It is one of those little miracles in life that you can walk down the street and see pets which look like their owners....and owners which look like their pets.

A colleague of mine, who is a veterinarian, commented to me last week that he notices it all the time in his practice. Amazing, how we don't just share looks with our pets...but Chinese medicine diagnoses.

Look above...see the dorsum of my dog Lady. She is about 12 years old.

And yes, she had acupuncture this week.

When I took her to the doctor, my colleague who I mentioned above...he took her pulse, he recommended points for me to needle (he would needle them himself had I not been an acupuncturist) and he sent her home with Chinese herbs to take. Funny thing is...her diagnosis....Liver Blood Vacuity and Kidney Vacuity: the same as mine. In fact, her formula would be a wonderful one for me to take.

Go figure.

Interesting for you all to your pets have your symptoms?

When you overwork yourself, are you draining your pets' energy?

Think about it.

Update as of July 2, 2009: Lady is now running through the house...almost like her old self. For acupuncture and herbs for your sweet animal...go find Dr. Steve Winokur, DVM at the Pharr Road Animal Hospital in Atlanta...404.237.4601. He rocks!



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