The Not-so-cold Shoulder

20 May 2009 1 comments
Years ago, about a hundred, I think, I was an apprentice to Dr. Wei-Qing Xu. Among the many things she taught me was that around age fifty, people can sometimes get "frozen shoulder". She used to call it "50-year old shoulder"....

That was, until someone sixty years old came into the office with frozen shoulder. It was at that point that she described "60-year old shoulder". Oh yes -- that was until someone with shoulder pain and decreased range of motion came into the office -- who was forty years was then that she described "40-year old shoulder".

The truth is, whatever your decade, shoulder pain characterized by decreased range of motion and pain...whether it is called rotator cuff injury, or bursitis, or any other cleverly descriptive western diagnosis...can be treated with my little shoulder trick that she taught me: a special point on the leg, on the stomach channel....when reduces and extracts pain from the shoulder and acts as a catalyst to shoulder healing.

But wait! A point on the leg to treat the shoulder???

One of my colleagues taught me to point to the lights in the ceiling and to say "there are the lights -- and where is the switch??" The lights may be in the ceiling but the switch is by the door...

The pain is in the shoulder. The switch is on the leg.

And aha....the shoulder is relieved.



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