Raising the Flag...so to speak.

29 May 2009 2 comments
Sometimes objects are larger in person than you'd expect...

And sometimes they are not as big as you'd like.

Indeed...this happens more often than you would guess...to many men that you know. If it were not a concern, then prime-time television would not be filled with advertising for products to correct this situation...nor would your inboxes be filled with advertisements for the same.

Amazingly, Traditional Chinese Medicine treats this condition...with excellent results.

There are a few differential diagnoses within TCM for this situation, some involve depletion of energy, some involve obstruction of energy, some involve communication of energy. This last one is especially interesting because of the case story which I am sharing.

A few weeks' back, a relatively young man came to see me complaining of an inability to sustain an erection and poor libido. He was, in fact, not even waking with a morning erection. He was also, understandably, quite concerned.

His diagnosis was -- oops...not telling yet.

I treated him with acupuncture and sent him home with herbs. After the first treatment he began to have an improvement in his situation...by the second treatment he was sustaining an erection, libido still low, however....two more treatments brought him to the point where he reported his libido is great. Erections good now, still not able to ejaculate (not yet...but we are in process...).

Now here is the really, REALLY cool part: he reported that his imagination has flourished since we have begun treating him with acupuncture and herbs.

He said that he has, in fact, a very active imagination (excellent for a sex life, by the way)...and able to sustain an erection...but that the imagination does not seem to be able to connect with the sexual piece.

This was stellar information for me. Because according to TCM, his diagnosis is "heart and kidney not communicating".


So...his imagination....governed by his heart channel, is stronger, is flourishing in fact...and his kidney energy, responsible for his erections, has come to attention (so to speak) -- but now we just need to connect them.

I was so impressed with this man's ability to be able to articulate exactly what was going on with him that I told him that I wished to write to y'all about it.

He told me to go ahead. And so I have.

The simple point is this: acupuncture and herbs work very well to facilitate sexual function. Sexual health is merely an extention of, an expression of physical health. Whatever is going on with your body will be mirrored in your sexuality. If you cannot relax in your life, relaxing during sex will be challenging. If you cannot stop moving for one minute in your life...always rushing about...well, you can picture it.

Picture a rose bush. If the plant is watered, fed, given sunshine (analogy for our body, folks), then the flower (our sexual health, our reproduction, our emotional health) will be vibrant, beautiful, fantastic in fact. If the plant is overworked, undernourished, run-down...then the rose will look like....well, how good is your imagination?

Just know that you don't always have to pop a little pill to be your "old self" again. You can really be that person again.

A few months back a patient said to me, "I am 55 years old, I am divorced, I have a girlfriend, I take Viagra...and last Thursday, with no pill, I was like a 25-year old. Did you do that to me?"

Yes, I told him. I did.



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