'Tis the Season!

21 September 2009 1 comments
Yes, it is truly the season!

It is the season of blinking lights and candles and gift-buying and cooking -- and ad campaigns and Tylenol and thermometers and Kleenex -- and flu shots. And yes...everybody and their brother are posting online cold and flu information.

And so am I!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, colds and flu are differentiated by temperature and intensity.

Colds are called "Wind Cold Attack" and are characterized by acute onset of achiness, chilliness and or feverishness (low grade), stiff neck or shoulders, scratchy throat, feeling run-down, sneezing...and are generally thought of as a "cold wind penetrating the body's defenses". The treatment of a cold, in its initial stages (just as you are feeling a bit run-down...like you are "fighting something") is to "chase out the wind".

A plethora of herbs in my pharmacy can do just that!

If you wait too long to treat a cold...then Chinese herbs addressing nasal and/or chest congestion, cough, sore throat and or infection, can be used according to signs and symptoms.

Ah, the flu! We are hearing a lot about influenzas these days...some have animal names, some have alphabet names....but in Chinese medicine we just say "Attack of Wind Heat"....once again, acute onset (it can feel like you have been hit by a freight train), more severe sore throat, sometimes cough, high or higher fever, extreme achiness, extreme fatigue. Herbs are given here to clear the heat, chase out the wind, secure the "Wei Qi" -- immunity.

It is interesting because nobody knows that Traditional Chinese Medicine treats colds and flu very, VERY effectively.

So, now you know.

Although you really should take to bed when you are sick, have a friend or family member give a call to me -- or any other friendly neighborhood Chinese herbalist -- and get some immediate help.

Happy HealthyDays!



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