The Baby Wall

22 August 2009 0 comments

Here is one I have been working on for a long time.
For years, in fact.


Ah, not true. Very, very conceivable.

All the babies in this picture -- on the baby wall in my office -- have joined our little world partially because their mommas and often daddies came to my office to get acupuncture to help them conceive.

I have been honored that these women and men have trusted me to help with them with this very sensitive and often frightening time in their lives. But the truth is, many, many couples have been helped with their fertility by Traditional Chinese Medicine over thousands and thousand of years.

Whether couples are just seeking acupuncture and herbs to help them to conceive...or whether they are also seeking Assistive Reproductive Technologies (ARTs)(insemination, transfer, etc.) -- I can really help. Research has shown that couples who go for acupuncture treatment in conjunction with ARTs have much higher percentages of success in conception.

Treatment is usually weekly at the beginning, then semi-weekly.

One of the happiest parts of my job is when a new little picture arrives in the mail....of a new little person whose life I was privileged to be part of.....

Feel free to email me at with questions. Click on the words "The Baby Wall" above, which will redirect you to the Women's Health & Fertility page of my website -- where you can read more about fertility treatment.

There is really nothing more magical, more beautiful....than this.



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