Late Summer: Margo's Fantastic Sugar Addiction Question

21 August 2009 1 comments

Question: "Hi Leslie, do you have any recommendations for a non-cold turkey approach to sugar addiction? Yes, this is for me... I keep waiting for the spirit to move me to do something about it and obviously, that ain't happening :)."

Answer: "Absolutely.
You are craving sugar because you have a weakness in the Spleen and fault of your is actually your constitution. So...what to do about this.

We need sweet flavor in our need sweetness in your life...just as you need saltiness, pungent, sour, bitter.

These five flavors are considered to be what we need to keep our organs healthy.

When the spleen gets "sluggish", we crave sugar to make it go. The way to fix this problem is to provide other sources of sweet to help your spleen so the sugar thing won't seduce you.

First things first....get to know and love carrot juice. About 10 am and/or 3-4 pm you need about 6 ounces of fresh carrot juice. Either go to a juice bar, juice your own or purchase unpasturized carrot juice. is the recipe for a Sweet Vegetable Drink that you can prepare and enjoy a few times a week in the late afternoons....

To prepare sweet vegetable drink, you need: 1/4 cup carrot, 1/4 cup cabbage, 1/4 cup pumpkin or hard squash, 1/4 cup large onion. Finely chop the vegetables. Add four cups water and bring to the boil. Reduce fire and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes. Strain and drink only the liquid.

In addtion, please adhere to the "no icy drinks, melons or raw salad" thing for awhile. You will notice more rapid progress. If you are able to cut on the dairy as well. will be even faster.

Let me know how you are doing."

Margo's Response: "I actually have a juicer and started using it again just last week. I use carrot, celery, red cabbage, spinach -- and here's the part that ain't so great if I am trying to go off sugar: APPLES. What do you think? I will definitely try your recipe."

My response: "Carrot, beet. No apples. Only a little bit of beet."

And one last thing: a rather soupy dish made from hard squash, onion and carrot, chopped and simmered with water, millet and sea salt, eaten a few times per week -- can really benefit blood sugar issues in general. I have given this to my patients who have been diagnosed with Diabetes and they have had excellent results.

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