Late Summer: Dealing with Damp

21 August 2009 0 comments
There is more to be said about the Dampness. If you have been cutting back on the summer melons, then "bravo!" You should already be noticing an improvement in digestion, in focus. Here are some more cues:
- although it is still summer and fresh foods are abundant, try to cut down on the raw vegetables and incorporate steamed or blanched salads into your week.
- during this season you will notice that eating a lot of ice cream, yogurt and cheese will worsen your condition -- cut down on dairy or let it go.
- not only is millet fantastic for you at this time of year, it is so very important for the health of your spleen and pancreas that you eat this sort of thing. please try something new. millet can be boiled with a pinch of sea salt and simmered until fluffy. try couscous, quinoa and bulgur wheat as well this time of year.
- try drinking your water with no ice.
- make sure that you move least a little bit...every day. go for a the mornings or evenings to avoid the heat if you live in a hot climate.
- forgive yourself. pretty soon it will be autumn and then we will try a new exercise called "letting go".
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